ME in a nutshell

My name is Jana Hadžegová, I'm 27 and I was born in little city of Revúca, in the middle of beautifull Slovakian mountains in Central Europe. There I finished primary school and later the language high school. In addition, I attended art school. More precisely art, painting and sculpture lessons and music lessons - piano. After the school leaving exam, my journey took me to Prague (Czech republic), where I continued in studies on several universities in branch of IT.

Since money is never in excess, I started to work during my studies. As almost everyone I started from scratch. From assembling and HW testing of computers, through IT helpdesk, software testing and translating of documentations, I finally got to position as Java programmer, by which I set in for a several years. Recently, however, I'm much more going for web design and web administration, as it was main filling of my last job.

I'm also very interested in languages​​, not only programming ones but also those foreign. Thanks to school I had the opportunity to develop myself in them. At present I can fairly communicate in English, Spanish, German and of course Slovak and Czech and also manage basics of Russian. I've got a national language exam in English and English is also the language, from and to which I've translated most frequently. However, in the future, I'm planning to manage other languages, because for me it's not just saying, that how many languages you know, ..

Among the others things, I've interest in various sports activities, because in my opinion man should keep moving at every age. I like tai chi, hiking, freeline skates, biking, basketball, gymnastic and almost every winter sports. On the other hand, I like painting, but the biggest love for me remains playing the piano :)

As our world is huge, beautiful and full of interesting things and the time is short, after 9 years spend in Czech republic, I packed my things and moved to Mexico, where I'm living now and trying to find my luck.

If you're interested, you can download my complete CV in PDF version.

PDF version